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Eco features

Imagine a tropical forest in the heart of Seminyak




We love Bali, and we know you do too. That’s why we have made everything in our power to help you to live a sustainable and environmentally responsible lifestyle in Duur Eco Apartments. Everything from the foundation and materials to energy consumption and waste management has been thought through in every detail to make sure that Duur Eco Apartments exists in harmony with the Balinese nature and climate.


The orientation of the property is essential. We ran solar studies to achieve optimal orientation of the different rooms and guarantee the minimum cooling loads, minimizing the need for air conditioning.


Our solar studies also allowed us to design a light façade that minimizes cooling loads in the building while maximizing the airflow from the consistent trade winds. All windows also have different shading devices to reduce sun glare and heat impact. This further helps minimizing the need for air conditioning to create a natural, cool climate.


Water is fast becoming a precious resource in Bali. Therefore we have put a huge emphasis on both water demand reduction and water reuse. Planters filter all rain water and grey water coming from showers, sinks and drains before it reaches a collection tank in the basement to be reused for irrigation, flushing and cleaning. All black water is collected in a Bio-septic tank that naturally filters and processes the black water waste into clear and odourless water to assure no contamination into the ground.


We have optimized every detail of Duur Eco Apartments to be as energy efficient as possible. Everything from lighting and air-conditioning to fixtures and hot water is designed to minimize the building’s energy consumption without compromising with your quality of living in Bali.



Orientation is essential to guarantee maximum thermal comfort whilst minimizing energy use. We ran solar studies to achieve the optimal orientation of the different rooms to minimize cooling loads. (Therefore also minimizing the use of air-conditioning)



As a result of the analysis of the solar paths and the incident solar radiation studies we have designed a façade that minimizes cooling loads in the building while maximizing airflow. We have incorporated different types of shading devices into all the windows in the building to reduce incident solar radiation on the glazing elements which reduces the heat impact. Depending on the orientation, the shading devices have been designed to allow user control in order to maximize cross ventilation and assure personal thermal comfort.

On top of all the above, we have selected a light colour on the solid walls to reduce the cooling needs in the building and reflect as much heat as possible before it comes inside the building so that we avoid the heat island effect and can reduce the need for air-conditioning even more.



Fresh water is a world wide limited resource and Bali is certainly no exception. We believe every building and building occupant should reduce water consumption as much a possible. With Duur Eco Apartments we have put a huge emphasis in both water use reduction and water reuse to assure there is not a single litre of water wasted.

All of the fixtures in the building are the best in class for water efficiency and we have installed a leak detention system to assure that any water leak will be detected and solved as fast as possible.

On top of that, we collect rainwater and treat the grey water to reuse it for irrigation, flushing and cleaning purposes.



Duur Eco Apartments incorporates planters all around its façade that act as wetlands so that all rain water and grey water coming from showers, sinks and drains can be filtered naturally before it reaches a collection tank in the basement to afterwards be reused for irrigation, flushing and cleaning purposes.

On the other hand, all the black water coming from the toilets gets filtered and treated in a “Bio-septic tank” that filters and processes the black water waste into clear and odourless water to assure no contamination into the ground.


For Duur Eco Apartments all the building materials and finishes have been chosen very carefully. Not only have we given priority to regionally sourced materials to reduce the carbon footprint associated with transport to site and contribute to the local economy (achieving 95% of Indonesian products in building materials with a distance from source of less than 500 km). We have also taken a thorough look at its life cycle and its embedded carbon associated with its manufacturing process.

We have chosen reclaimed wood for all structural elements in the project. And for the interior design, furniture, all floor decking and the façade and cladding elements we have selected wood coming from a Certified Forest that follows sustainable timber harvesting methods preserving wild life habitat, maintaining soil and water quality and assuring that forests of high conservation value will remain intact.


A very important aspect of sustainable design is the indoor environmental quality. Assuring a healthy indoor environment results in well-being, productivity and quality of life. This includes improving ventilation, providing daylight and views, managing air contaminants and using paints, coatings and adhesives with a low VOC off gassing.

In Duur Eco Apartments we have put great effort into making sure that the design will follow up with all the above-mentioned strategies. All the paints and coatings used are “Zero VOC” and have the Green Label Singapore Stamp. All the interiors are 100% naturally ventilated and have controls to allow the user to adapt the environment to their needs.


The building sector accounts for one of the largest energy and electricity consumers in the world next to the transport and industry sectors. The CO2 emissions directly associated with building performance account for massive possible reductions.

The Duur Eco Apartments building optimizes its design with passive climate adaptation strategies to assure the lowest energy demand as possible but beyond that, the DUUR design team has studied carefully all the end uses to assure the lowest energy consumption.



Air-Conditioning is only provided for the bedrooms and the system chosen is the most efficient split system on the market. The rest of the living spaces are all cross ventilated and provided with fans.



The hot water systems have been carefully studied and we have performed feasibility studies to analyse the optimal solution to minimize consumption. The fact that the building may not be fully occupied during parts of the year makes a central system not optimal for the hot water system, as it will need to circulate hot water at all times and only the pump consumption makes it less efficient than having individual systems for each home.

In tropical climate, hot showers are normally taken in the morning when the temperature is lower and it is exactly when solar systems need to use the back up system to reach the temperature needed making a solar thermal option less than ideal. The most efficient individual systems have been selected to provide hot water for every apartment, with the lowest consumption on the market. Also, in a tropical climate, hot showers account for much less of the overall energy consumption than in colder countries.



Lighting plays an important role for energy consumption in buildings, which is why we are using LED Lamps for 100% of the lighting. LED not only consumes less energy but also lasts longer. At the same time we have designed the building so that every space has large amount of diffused natural daylight (direct daylight would increase the heat). We are also dividing the lighting controls in sectors so that there are switches to control different lighting zones. This avoids unnecessary use of lighting.


Duur Eco Apartments are providing a separation system so that the inhabitants can separate organic waste from packaging waste. At the same time glass, plastic bottles and paper will be separated.

During construction, waste can account for an enormous amount of material that should be diverted from landfill at all times. All of the casting and sky-folding elements are collected for reuse and the amount of waste on the site is minimized by following a Waste Construction Plan that our team made to minimize it and reuse most of it for other sites.


All of our wetlands and planters in the building only have local species of plants to contribute to the local environment and enhance biodiversity.


As part of the sustainability scope for Duur Eco Apartments, our sustainable specialist team will develop a Sustainable User Guide to help all homeowners to understand how to use the building at its optimal performance. Sustainable architecture doesn’t end when delivering the keys. Instead it’s an ongoing process in which the homeowners play an important role. For the same reason the Facility Management Team will receive training to be able to keep the building to perform as expected and to be able to provide corrective action that aligns with the design intentions.